Bonus Material for Episode 6

Bonus Material for Episode 6 (trans)formations part 1, on being a bit of filth:

From: me                                                                  24 January
To: Notme                                                                 9.14 a.m.

Here are two more anecdotal examples of blatant self-deceptions and rationalisation.

There is the split-brain patient, a young boy with the communications between his brain hemispheres severed. They showed him a picture and asked him to choose another picture associated with the first one. They tricked him such that they showed two picture, each only visible in one side of his visual field, and thus only seen by one of his disjointed brain hemispheres. The left side, controlling his language, saw a chicken, the mute right side saw a snowy landscape. The left side picked a picture of a chicken foot (for the chicken), the right side grabbed a picture of a shovel (for the snow). When asked why he picked those two pictures in particular he replied without hesitation (using the verbal left hemisphere): The chicken foot goes with the chicken, and the shovel is for cleaning out the chicken-coop.1

There is the story of 15 year old Susan going through brain surgery. She is awake while the surgeons stimulate different regions of her brain. When one particular region is stimulated she starts laughing uncontrollably. When asked why she laughs she exclaims that the doctors standing around her “look so funny!”. Perhaps they stimulated a part of her brain that was responsible for making people appear ri­diculous. Or, they stimulated a part that made her laugh, and in trying to understand why she laughed, she believed in her own rationalisation.2

 TT, Thinking of Things, 2014.