Season 1

The pursuit of meaningness

Episode 1:
The Meaning of Life: Where I was
In which the two friends Me and Notme try do deal with everything being pointless. With the help of many thinkers, Me resorts to hedonism, while Notme refuses to give up on finding meaning… 



Episode 2:
The Meaning of Stuff
A description how we manufacture meaning of items and other stuff around us, and how it is all connected with feelings.




Episode 3:
What’s ‘meaningness‘? or the Wrath of God
In which Notme refuses to give up and call our existent pointless. She coins the term “meaningness” without really defining what it means. The conversation is interspersed by a science fiction short story about a scientist who very well may have disproved God’s existence. Would that matter? 



Episode 4:
Understanding Understanding
In which I try to understand what it means to understand something. As it is a topic which inevitably becomes a bit meta, I try explaining it in a way which makes the points I’m trying to make. 



Episode 5:
Time, memory, and the pursuit of meaningness
In which Notme develops her thoughts on meaningness to a reluctantly interested Me. She relates it to memorable moments of life changing quality while dismissing happiness as something false to pursue. 



Episode 6:
(trans)formations part 1: On being a bit of filth.
Notme, while trying to understand meaningness stumbles upon a quote on what makes a human being. In this first part, Me argues that the sense of self is an illusion in a deterministic world.



Episode 7:
(trans)formations part 2: On being a human being.
Notme, on thinking on Me’s emails, strongly disagrees and explains why there is room for personhood, and why it is so important for us to take responsibility for our personhood and become human beings and not bits of filth.



Episode 8:
The pain in the brain game
On the pain of being ostracised. Brain research shows how social pain is equivalent to physical pain in some parts of the brain. This means that social and physical pain have similar functions: Telling us what to avoid at all cost.




Episode 9:
A false sense of insecurity
In which insecurity is described as a driving force for sustaining cultures and identity. Here culture savvy adults do anything to stay within their comfort zones, which essentially makes them prisoners who decide to be content, or even happy, with their circumstances. The free prisoner is not free. She is a bit of filth and not a human being.



Episode 10:
The Meaningness of Life
This is the Season Finale. Here meaningness is finally defined. It turns out that it has to do with sincere engagements–with oneself, with Eachother, and with the surrounding world. Through sincere engagements one brings into existence new aspects of oneself and Eachother, which only manifest through sincerity. Thus, one transforms the self, Eachother, and the world.

Cynicism, in many respects, is the opposite of meaningness.